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Moon Over The Midnight Sun has been out almost two years (August, 2016).  It’s hard for me to believe that just over two years ago I was wrestling with the ending, and hoping people would like it…and they do!

Now, I am wrestling with the research and the plot for The Tumbleweed Wall, and just now getting to that point you get to as a writer when you say, “I like this.  This is going to be fun.”

The Tumbleweed Wall-  I have started the writing for my next book, after finishing Moon Over The Midnight Sun, taking some time off, and doing research for The Tumbleweed Wall.  Since I grew up in Western South Dakota in a small town 13 miles from the border with Wyoming, writing a book with a setting somewhere in that area has appealed to me for a long time.  I was in college in Wyoming, when an English Literature teacher first inspired me.  I placed 2nd in a creative writing contest, and she encouraged me to write.  She said I was a natural.  I will always be thankful to her for that small boost.

Being well aware of the large ranches in Wyoming, many of them belonging to one family for 100 years or more, I couldn’t help but think about the stories there must be…particularly when my imagination enters the picture.  Sort of a,  Dallas Goes North.

I have involved the Saylor family in all of my books to this point, so the connection to the family  will not change just yet, although there are some significant new characters in The Tumbleweed Wall.  Look for Beth to be the protagonist again, and to be more of an iconic woman than ever before.

Front Page of Petroleum News – The article that follows was on the front page of Petroleum News, an  industry newspaper published in Alaska and distributed in several cities in the Lower 48.  It was written by Editor and Publisher, Kay Cashman, an accomplished writer and editor, and has already been picked up in newspapers as far away as Fairfield, Montana (Fairfield Sun Times).  It is titled, “Move over Clive Cussler, Make room for Craig Bieber”Read the full article HERE.

Craig Bieber, and his books, Saylor’s Triangle, The Permanent Plan, and Moon Over The Midnight Sun will be in the 2016 Tucson Festival of Books in March.  The Tucson Festival of Books on the campus of The University of Arizona is the 4th Largest Book Festival in the US.

Moon Over The Midnight Sun has been out about two months now (November 11, 2015), and is generating nice reviews and comments, like this from Mike Nist in Seattle:  I unwrapped the candy and took a bite, now I want to eat it all without stopping.  Absolutely GREAT so far.  So smooth how it transitions from the North Slope to the boardrooms and offices and romps through town.  This is really an adventure.  Makes me feel a if I can see the scenes live and in color.  Unbelievable story Craig!

Moon Over The Midnight Sun was recently the feature book of Craig’s 3 books at the Holiday Craft Fair at The Highlands in Marana, AZ.

The Permanent Plan was published in April of 2010.  It is an exciting continuation of the action, drama, and mystery that began in Saylor’s Triangle.  Moon Over The Midnight Sun was published in August of 2015.  It is a continuation in the style of Craig’s first two books, and has a parallel connection to them.  It’s a brand new novel in need of some reveiws, so please submit your reveiws to Amazon Books.  The only requirement is that you must have ordered a book from them in the past, and it doesn’t have to be the same book you review.

The following review of The Permanent Plan was posted by Author, Jarrel R. Jackson.  It is very difficult to write an adequate book review on The Permanent Plan.  Mr. Bieber is the master of sublte sub plots, and melds them together into a totally unexpected conclusion.  Without belaboring the point, he makes people weatlthy enough to own a 40 million dollar private jet look quite ordinary alongside a widow worth 5 billion dollars.  Craig Bieber puts them all in their everyday clothes, and manages to make it easy for the reader to relate to them.  His good guys are realistically horny and down to earth without neglecting their responsibilities.  His bad guys ambitions are oddly enough understandable; but unfortunately inclined to attempt the quick murderous solution if their nefarious plans are thwarted.  This is a completely enjoyable book and would make an excellent movie.

The following review of Saylor’s Triangle was posted on July 22nd, 2009 by Little Sam from Missouri.  I almost never read this type of novel.  Thrillers just don’t do it for me.  But this one showed a fresh approach, not written to formula.  However, it was the depth of characters that pulled me in and held me.  Even the characters I disliked were well drawn, vivid.  I particularly like the insiders view of the featured business.  I’ve been involved in enough business selling to know the behind-the-scenes are true, and cleverly written.  The writing stays on a high level, never faltering.  Two things kept me from giving it a five star: the first chapter seemed written for shock value alone, and the surprise ending wasn’t a surprise, and not fully believable.  But you decide for yourself.  This one is worth a read, and I’m looking forward to the author’s next.

From one of’s Top Reviewers, Frank J. Konopka, the following review of Saylor’s Triangle was posted on July 3, 2008:

Reading a novel by a first time author is really akin to making a leap of faith: you never know what you are going to get. In this fast-paced thriller, however, you get non-stop action and excitement, in addition to some travelogue information about interesting, and often exotic places. The characters, both good and bad, are very well drawn, and the plot races along, carrying the interested and excited reader along with it. Read this book, and enjoy it, as I have, and wait along with me expectantly for the next book coming from this excellent author.

Saylor’s Triangle was selected to be part of the Tucson Festival of Books in March of 2009, where authors from all over the US participated in an event at the University of Arizona.  Nearly 50,000 people visited the UA campus over three days. See

Saylor’s Triangle was a second round choice in Amazon’s 2010 Breakthrough Novel Award…out of 5000 entries, it was one of 1000 books to make the second round.

Saylor’s Triangle has been reviewed positively by J.C Martin in the Arizona Daily Star, and presented in the Anchorage Daily News in a section about new books of interest to Alaskans.

Books ordered from Amazon Books are now printed by Amazon’s printer, CreateSpace or by the Ingram Book Company’s printer, Lightning Source.

Saylor’s Triangle has a five star rating on Amazon Books, including the following review from Richard E. Kelly, Author of Growing Up In Mama’s Club:

I just completed reading Saylor’s Triangle, and I am still out of breath…The book is well-written and difficult to put down…Be prepared to be tantalized and surprised by the unexpected…Bieber is a great story teller, and this book is a must read. Richard E. Kelly, Author of Growing Up In Mama’s Club.

Saylor’s Triangle has been selected by seven book clubs in Arizona, Washington, and Alaska as their Book of the Month.

May, 2009: Saylor’s Triangle is now a Kindle Book on Amazon Books.

More Reader Comments:

Hard to believe this is a first time author. Lots of twists and turns, and a sure fire surprise ending. I have a vivid picture of all the places Craig describes in the book. I love that. – Kathleen L. Kimbrell, Unit 31 Book Club

What a great read! This book has it all—intrigue, suspense, the best and worst of human nature, fast-action, vivid scenes, and a story-line that kept me guessing until the last page. I have my husband to thank for recommending Bieber’s book. Thirty pages into the book, I told him, “Hey, this guy can write!” – Helen, west Michigan.

Put Saylor’s Triangle at the top of your must read list! Saylor’s Triangle captures the reader with it’s intriguing story-line and surprising complications. Bieber entertains the reader with an array of well-developed, unusual characters, including sexy, intelligent CEO’s, vicious criminals, and mysterious dreamers. The action moves through Alaska’s scenic beauty to exotic Maui and onto the docks of Seattle. Bieber masterfully weaves together multiple subplots, bringing Saylor’s Triangle to a surprising, explosive conclusion. – Suzanne Appelgatge, Arizona

I have one word to describe your book…Wow!!!!!!!! – Arlie S, South Dakota.

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