Introducing Fred Longcoor

Fred Longcoored:I introduced Fred Longcoor to the world in my first novel, Saylor’s Triangle. Comments from Fred’s unpublished Book on Life were used as relative points at the completion of each of the twenty-nine chapters in Saylor’s Triangle. His wit, wisdom, and common sense grasp of the ironies and foibles of the life around us perfectly complimented the twists and turns of my first book, and were continued in my second book, The Permanent Plan.  He also was kind enough to explain the oilfield terms in Moon Over The Midnight Sun.

With overwhelming feedback from readers who want to hear more from Fred, I decided to create a forum for him and I to comment about today’s world.  Alaska is truly at the “Top of the World,” and he and I will comment from that lofty position.

Our comments will be primarily social or based upon news events of the day.  Political comments will be general and infrequent.  For both of us, the most bitter arguments we have ever had with people we are close to came out of political discussions.

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