Three Books and a Screenplay

Update: May 2, 2016

Saylor’s Triangle, and The Permanent Plan are my first two books.  With the success of Moon Over The Midnight Sun, and the frequently acknowledged quality of it, I decided to do an edit on the first two books to make them comparable.  I didn’t change the stories, I just fixed minor punctuation errors, eliminated or changed some words, cleaned up my use of subordinating conjunctions, and literally only re-wrote a half dozen paragraphs.   The end result is they are two very polished books.  I simply wanted to feel very proud of all three of my books.

The interesting part of this process for me, which was a time consuming, line by line, page by page perusal of both books, was I finished very satisfied with the stories.  For me, the stories are at least equal to the story in Moon Over The Midnight Sun.  People who have only read my last book are now going back and buying my first two books, and I wanted them to be as close to perfect as I could get them.

Having the beginning of a small library of work is a lot more fun than having just one or two books.  With the release of Moon Over The Midnight Sun in August of 2015, I can now fill a table with books for book events.  When readers can see the progression of Alaska mystery and adventure stories, it rekindles an interest in the first two books.  Moon Over The Midnight Sun is generating a great number of very positive comments from readers, and leading to more sales of Saylor’s Triangle and The Permanent Plan.  It also generates a lot of great conversations with readers who have read one or both of my earlier books.

About the screenplay:

A common element in the feedback I received from readers of my first book, Saylor’s Triangle, was they thought it would make a great movie. Even though I was naive to the mechanics of screenwriting, I decided I would write the screenplay myself.

I purchased two books about screenwriting and bought a software program to facilitate the process. In addition, I followed advice from one of the books and purchased a screenplay with similar elements to the story in Saylor’s Triangle in it…adult situations, mystery, action, and adventure.  I bought, The General’s Daughter, co-written by award-winning writer, William Goldman. Continue reading

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